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The town of Bansko is situated in the southwestern part of the hollow of Razlog, in the food of the north Pirin Mountain. It is well-known as a tourist center, which is visited throughout the whole year by as fens of nature and fens of winter sports as fens of the traditional Bulgarian culture and way of life. Houses built at the time of the Bulgarian Revival, with typical architecture, are still preserved. They are built entirely with stones. They have high walls and narrow winding streets bring the stranger to the past of the Bulgarian town. There are some 150 monuments of the culture there. Five of them are part of the Bulgarian National Heritage. The citizens of Bansko are famous with their patriotism and their strong attachment to the traditions. All of them, children and adults, keep the local originality of the culture in Bansko. The locals erected an impressive Christian orthodox temple even at the time of the Ottoman domination. The church tower, which is the symbol of the town, was erected in 1835. Every day the town is awoken by the 15-minute chime.


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